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Real-World Evaluation of Cannabis-Based Medicines (mCannabis.RealWorld) – Alberta Innovates


Alberta Innovates will contribute up to $300,000 CAD to support approved projects over a maximum term of 24 months. Successful Expression of Interest applicants will be eligible to receive up to $10,000 CAD to support proposal development.


The mCannabis.RealWorld Program is a novel enabling mechanism to address urgent clinical or policy knowledge gaps related to the efficacy and safety of cannabis in a real-world setting.  The current approach supports post-market (i.e., after regulatory approval) studies using real-world data and builds on the success of the Exploring Cannabis-Based Medicines and Tools (mCannabis) Program.

Eligible Applicants

  • Projects led by post-secondary institutions, not-for-profit corporations, or health delivery agent in Alberta.
  • Must address a clearly defined and major clinical or policy problem, need, or critical barrier that has relevance to Alberta.
  • Seek to generate new data, analyze data relationships, or curate real-world data to support the problem.
  • See program guide for full details.

Eligible Expenses

Applicants who participate in mCannabis.RealWorld can expect the following outcomes:

  • Generate real-world evidence to inform clinical or policy decisions.
  • Build collaborative connections within the health innovation ecosystem.
  • Improve Canadian competitiveness in the global cannabis sector.
  • Enable rapid knowledge generation using digital health strategies.
  • Create accessible new data sources related to medical cannabis use.
  • Enhance patient-centred care.

Deadline Date

October 7, 2020


Contact Name: Sunil Rajput (Senior Business Partner - Health Innovation)

Phone Number: 780-306-3090

E-mail Address:


Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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