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Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) – Students:




The Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program provides funding to employers to create summer job opportunities for post-secondary students. The program provides eligible students with a summer job of up to twelve (12) weeks in duration with a New Brunswick employer between April 25th and September 2nd, 2022.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible employers:

  • First Nations communities
  • Municipalities
  • Non-profit organizations

A candidate (student) must:

  • Be a resident of New Brunswick or a First Nation community in New Brunswick;
  • Be eligible to work in Canada;
  • NOT be an immediate family member (spouse, children, parent, brother or sister) of the employer;
  • Be a full-time student (high school – grade 12 only, university or college) in the current academic year of 2021/2022, and
  • Be attending a post-secondary institution full-time in the fall of 2022 (university or college).

Eligible Expenses

Program objectives:

  • Provides a wage subsidy to non-profit organisations, First Nations communities and municipalities to help them provide summer employment to students;
  • Provides a work experience for students, experiential learning, mentoring and coaching;
  • Helps students develop and build transferable skills and/or find employment in their field of study;
  • Enhances students’ employment prospects upon completion of their studies; and
  • Enables students to finance the continuation of their education.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour - WorkingNB central office

Phone Number: 1-833-971-7333

E-mail Address:

Website: or

Industry: Employment, Location: New Brunswick ,
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