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Tech Co-op Grants Program | Innovate BC


Up to $20,000 per year


Innovate BC is pleased to offer the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program to support talent in BC’s technology sector. Tech firms hiring for any roles and non-tech companies hiring for tech-specific roles are encouraged to hire from an accredited co-op program and apply for salary support through the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program.

Eligible Applicants

To participate in the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program, a company must:
• Be established in BC, as defined by having a physical location within the province.
•  Be a small or medium-sized business. If the company has more than 100 employees, they will be required to provide additional information on the types of skills and training provided to the co-op student.
• Be established as one of the following:
1) Technology company or technology not-for-profit hiring a co-op student for any role.
2) Non-tech company or non-tech not-for-profit hiring for a tech role
• Have not exceeded the grant limit of 4 successful BC Tech Co-op Grants within the current academic year – from May 1 to April 30.

Eligible Work Placement
To qualify for the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program, work placements must:
• Be approved by a co-op coordinator at a BC public post-secondary institution.
• Involve a student in a co-op program that is provincially approved by the Accountability Council for Co-operative Education in BC (ACCE-BC) or nationally accredited by the Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada).
• Be a minimum of one co-op term as determined by the academic institution (typically 16 weeks).
• Provide the student with productive and valuable work during the placement.
• Provide a fair market wage to the student for the work performed during the placement.
• Include student supervision and performance evaluation by the employer.

Eligible Expenses

Each employer is eligible to a maximum of four grants each per fiscal year valued at $5,000 (a total value of $20,000), to recruit and train between one to four distinct co-op students. Grant values represent approximately half of the salary for a co-op student. The employer must account for the remainder of the student’s salary during the co-op term.

Deadline Date

  Due to high demand, waitlist for this program has reached capacity. Currently no longer processing new BC Tech Co-op Grant applications.


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