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Technologies for Value-Added Agriculture Program


Applicants can apply for a maximum of 50% assistance to a maximum of $50,000 per project.


The Technologies for Value-Added Agriculture program supports agricultural producers and processors seeking to advance their operations through innovation, efficiency and quality improvements. This program is designed to help increase the competitiveness and profitability of Nova Scotia’s agriculture sector by supporting the production efficiency of value-added agri-products.

Eligible Applicants

Farms and agri-businesses can apply.

To apply as a farm, you must:

  • have a current Farm Registration
  • be at least 19 years of age
  • report farming income & expenses that show gross commodity income of at least $30,000

To apply as an agri-business, you must:

  • report a gross income of at least $30,000
  • conduct value-added processing of a raw Nova Scotia agriculture product, with a direct partnership and significant economic impact to the Nova Scotia agricultural industry

Eligible Expenses

  • Plant Modernization Activities (must significantly enhance efficiency and productivity) – financial support will be provided to assist agri-businesses in increasing productivity, reducing costs and implementing existing or custom systems to enhance final product quality / processing operations.
    Note: A lean gap analysis is recommended however not mandatory.
  • Energy Efficient Systems & Technology- financial support will be provided to assist with projects that focus on the implementation of sustainable energy efficient systems and technology. These adoptions within the Nova Scotia Agriculture sector must help reduce environmental footprint and energy costs of value-added operations.
  • Eligible expenses include:
    • direct project costs;
    • contracted labour / consultants / professional fees / training;
    • materials / supplies / rentals;
    • Modifications to existing equipment or technology for optimization or to enable installation of
    automation and labour-saving equipment / technology;
    • One-time software systems related to upgrading and acquiring new equipment / technology;
    • specialized equipment & shipping;
    • transfer of knowledge / sharing of information activities; and
    • HST for qualifying not-for-profit organizations.

Deadline Date

  April 1


Contact Name: Agriculture – Programs and Business Risk Management Division

Phone Number: 902 893-6377

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Nova Scotia ,
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