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Well Decommissioning and Special Projects Pre-Approval


Maximum payment of $10,000 for Well Decommissioning projects. Maximum of $150,000 for Special Projects.


Well Decommissioning and Special Projects Pre-Approval under the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP) supports the development of secure and sustainable water sources for agriculture use in Saskatchewan.


Eligible Applicants

You are eligible to apply for the rebate if:

  • You are a Saskatchewan agricultural producer (individual, partnership or corporation), Agri-Business( including value-added processing), Rural Municipality or First Nations Band.
  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You file income tax demonstrating a minimum $50,000 of gross farm income in Saskatchewan in the year of application or the year prior to the application.

Producers who own, lease or rent property where livestock and poultry are grown, bred, kept, raised, displayed, assembled or disposed of require a Saskatchewan Premises Identification (PID) number.

Eligible Expenses

Well Decommissioning

Eligible activities may include:

  • Excavation (removing casing).
  • Bentonite, chlorine.
  • Gravel or clay (must be third party purchase).
  • Costs related to well decommissioning including sealing and capping waterwells by a registered well driller.

The following eligibility parameters also apply:

  • Small diameter wells must be decommissioned by a registered well driller with expertise in well decommissioning and comply with Water Security Agency (WSA) recommended practices and comply with Water Security Agency (WSA) recommended practices.
  • Large diameter or bored well decommissioning pre‐approval worksheet must be completed and attached to FRWIP application.
  • A post‐construction WSA Well Decommissioning worksheet must be completed and submitted with FRWIP claim and signed by the landowner.

Special Projects

A special project is defined as a project to develop a secure and sustainable water supply that is not a typical dugout, pipeline or well project. The special projects stream is not an alternative for producer applicants whose standard water development projects exceed the rebate maximum. Applicants must submit a clear description and rationale for the project.

Examples of projects that may be considered are:

  • Rural water connections (multi-user pipelines where dugouts and wells are not feasible or of sufficient water quality):
    • A maximum program payment of $15,000 per eligible applicant (multi-user pipeline subscription/ connection fees) per approved project;
    • Potable or non-potable water for agricultural use (livestock watering, value-added processing, etc.) will be considered and approved on a case by case basis when justified; and
  • Community water development projects for agricultural use (i.e. small‐diameter and large‐diameter wells in conjunction with a community tank loading facility, dugouts in conjunction with a community tank loading facility, increasing storage capacity at an existing community tank loading facility to reduce tank loading times);
    • SaskPower service and associated electrical costs to a maximum rebate of $20,000 per approved project.

Deadline Date

August 1, 2022
Industry: Agriculture, Location: Saskatchewan ,
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