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Keep Your Chin Up

Keep Your Chin Up

“Goals are like a magnet — they pull. And the stronger they are, the more purposeful they are, the bigger they are, the more unique they are, the stronger they pull.” Jim Rohn

Hi Everyone, As it’s the fifth Monday of the month today, I always mix things up a bit. We’ll be back next week with your list of upcoming grant deadlines.

Today I want to write to you about keeping your chin up. January can be hard sometimes.

In Canada we’re dealing with darker and colder days.

Growing your business is never easy.

Getting out for exercise can be more challenging than in summer.

Not to get too morbid this week, but I’ve started carefully reading the obituaries of “younger people” that are shared on my personal Facebook page.

While obituaries usually never say why a person has died, they do leave clues.

I’ve noticed this clause in two recent posts: “Instead of flowers, families are encouraging donations to the Canadian Mental Health Association.”

It’s sad.

All I can seem to say is “Sorry for your loss.”

Except today.

My email list is received by several intelligent people.

Many of you have found grants in my newsletter and won them. Well done.

I’m going to list a few grants for mental health below.If you know an organization in the mental health space, can you please share it with them?

Maybe you or a business you know can partner with them on a grant.

Finally, a quick word to any reader struggling right now with mental health.

While I’m certainly no doctor nor psychologist, I do want to encourage you to have a mission in your life. Be sure to have a reason for “getting up in the morning.” We all need that. And know that your family, friends, and even this blogger is cheering you on.

If you need immediate care, please call the fine folks at Momentum Counselling.  Grants for mental health:

Bell Community Fund. The Community Fund provides annual grants of up to $25,000 to Canadian registered charities to increase access to mental health supports and services in communities across Canada. Deadline: March 15, 2024.

RBC Youth Mental Well-being Project Guidelines and Eligibility. Fund programs that address youth and family’s immediate need to access mental health services, a critical area identified by parents, youth and experts in the field. Deadline: varies.

Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund. I recommend reaching out to them to get a clearer understanding how their program works. Deadline: varies.

Edmonton Community Foundation. Funding opportunities help Edmontonians achieve their goals. Deadlines varies.

Calgary Foundation. The Community Grants program supports initiatives that engage citizens and that strengthen charities. Deadline: February 21, 2024 at 4pm.

First responders’ mental health grants. The Supporting Psychological Health in First Responders (SPHIFR) grant program has 2 separate funding streams. Deadline: was May last year and often grants open year after year around the same time. Reach out to them directly to build trust and get more information.

Health Care Policy and Strategies Program. Health Canada supports project proposals from organizations based on the program’s 4 priority areas: mental health care, home and community care, palliative and end-of-life care other federal, provincial/territorial and emerging priorities. Deadline: ongoing.

The Open Grant Database lists 49 grants pertaining to mental health. Please not many of these grants open and close. That’s why you need to build a grant calendar and keep it updated.Keep your chin up and have a great week,

David Kincade

Grant Writer

Author of 100 Golden Grant Rules

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