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Artist Manager Program Funding

This funding supports the development of individual Alberta artist-managers and/or self-managed artists by providing up to $7,500 for one eight-week professional development program per deadline, delivered by Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) in Toronto or Calgary.

Songwriter’s Workshop Support | FACTOR:

The Songwriter’s Workshop Support Program offers a grant to Canadian Professional Songwriters to attend workshops and seminars that help develop their careers as professional songwriters writing primarily for performers other than themselves.

Marketing and Promotion for Non-FACTOR-Funded Sound Recordings | FACTOR:

The Marketing and Promotion for Non-FACTOR-Funded Sound Recordings Program provides a Grant to help pay for the costs of marketing and promotion of a qualifying full-length release whose production or acquisition was not funded by FACTOR, and which has achieved a certain sales threshold or seen some success at commercial radio. The Marketing and [...]

Live Performance | FACTOR:

The Live Performance Program assists Canadian Artists by subsidizing a portion of the cost of touring and showcasing in Canada and abroad. There are two components to this program: Tour Support and Showcase.

Juried Sound Recording | FACTOR

The Juried Sound Recording Program (“JSR Program”) funds a portion of the cost of production or acquisition of an original full-length sound recording, and contributes to the marketing and promotion of that sound recording under the Marketing, Radio Marketing, Tour Support, Showcase, and Video Components. Funding under the JSR Program is divided into two [...]

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