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Aboriginal Business Investment Fund


ABIF provides between $150,000 and $750,000 to support an Indigenous community-owned economic development project. That could be up to 100% of eligible project costs.


The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) can partially or completely fund capital costs for Indigenous community-owned economic development projects. Projects like these improve social and economic outcomes for Indigenous Peoples and their communities.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible ABIF applicants are Indigenous communities in Alberta or corporate entities owned by Indigenous communities located in Alberta:

  • Communities must own and control 51% or more of the proposed business or joint venture.
  • Corporate entities must be in good standing.
  • Applicants must be in compliance with the terms and conditions of any previous Indigenous Relations funding.

An Indigenous community may submit only one ABIF application in any given funding year.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible capital costs for funding under ABIF include the cost of a tangible capital asset and the costs associated with the
acquisition, constructing, renewing, rehabilitating, materially enhancing or renovating a tangible capital asset.

  • Tangible capital assets, include but are not limited to:
    • Land improvements
    • Buildings and building improvements
    • Operating Equipment
    • Heavy equipment
    • Vehicles
  • Associated tangible capital asset costs are considered eligible provided the costs contribute to the completion of the
    the project. Associated tangible capital asset costs include, but are not limited to:

    • professional fees charged by a third party for services rendered such as appraisal, application, survey,
      inspection, design, engineering, architectural, and other similar types of activities;
    • site preparation costs, such as landscaping for buildings;
    • the expenditures for project–related signage, lighting, project markings and utility adjustments;
    • original purchase price or completed project costs including basic costs of material and labour costs of a
      contractor; and/or
    • other expenditures that, subject to review by Indigenous Relations, are considered to be direct and necessary
      for the successful implementation of the project and have been approved in writing prior to being incurred.

Deadline Date

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