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BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA):


up to $17,500 in rebates.


The BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) is a rebate program. Eligible low- and moderate-income households can receive up to $17,500 in rebates to complete home adaptations. The program allows seniors and people with permanent disabilities or diminished ability to gain greater independence within their homes.

Eligible Applicants

  • Homeowners have different program requirements than landlord or tenants. Please refer to the following for program and application details:
  • Landlord/Tenant requirements and application process
  • Homeowner requirements and application process

Eligible Expenses

  • A single household house
  • Townhouse/row home
  • Co-operative housing (not subsidized by government)
  • Condo property (in a strata)
  • Manufactured/mobile home (paying pad rent)
  • On-reserve housing
  • Legal basement suite
  • An individual unit (not subsidized by government) in a multiple unit rental building

Note: Maximum of 5 units per year eligible for RAHA in a multiple-unit rental building

Deadline Date

  First come, first served basis. The program will close on March 31, 2023, or sooner if funds have been exhausted


Contact Name: BC Housing

Phone Number: +1 604-433-2218

E-mail Address:


Industry: Housing, Location: British Colombia ,
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