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Clean Technology Development (CTD) Program | Alberta Innovates


Up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $1,000,000.


The CTD program supports research, applied research and development work designed to develop technology for practical application in industry or public sector. The program supports projects where commercialization or adoption of the results lead to identifiable benefits to Alberta in the form of GHG emissions reductions, economic growth, and other environmental and social benefits. The project must present a solution that is viewed as potentially having broad and significant impact on the industry environmental performance.The following sectors have been selected for the CCITF support in the CTD program:

  • Cleaner oil and gas
  • Methane emissions reduction
  • Low carbon electricity
  • Waste to value-added
  • Green buildings
  • Energy efficiency

Eligible Applicants

  • An Alberta-based technology developing company
  • A major greenhouse gas emitter in Alberta
  • A researcher or research team within an Alberta post-secondary institution researcher / research team
  • A stakeholder with an identified opportunity to develop technology for application to critical industry or public-sector needs (e.g. consortia, end-users)


Eligible Expenses

  •  Labour
  • Materials
  • Capital Assets & Software
  • Travel
  • Sub-contractors
  • Other

Deadline Date

  The program is already closed. To learn more about current opportunities, please click the link indicated below.


Contact Name: Alberta Innovates


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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