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Continuing Care Capital Program


$310 million over 3 years in Budget 2023


The Alberta government has committed $310 million over 3 years in Budget 2023 for the Continuing Care Capital Program. Project proposals received from eligible applicants in all funding streams are assessed on a competitive basis for this one-time grant funding.

Eligible Applicants

Grant funding is open to not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, housing management bodies, and municipalities.

Eligible applicants must demonstrate they:

  • will be financially viable and operationally sustainable
  • will support Albertans with health care needs in either long-term care, designated supportive living, or licensed supportive living settings
  • are in alignment with Alberta Health Services’ needs assessment for identified populations and communities
  • are compliant with the maximum resident accommodation charges set by government and legislated service requirements
  • have operational funding sources for accommodation and care

Eligible Expenses


Deadline Date

  Open and closes.


Contact Name: Continuing Care Capital Program

E-mail Address:


Industry: Housing, Indigenous, Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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