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Continuing Care Capital Program


The Alberta government has committed up to $154 million for the continuing care capital program. Project proposals received from eligible applicants in all 3 funding streams will be assessed on a competitive basis for this one-time grant funding.


A new continuing care capital program is being launched to increase the number of continuing care spaces in Alberta. The program is comprised of 3 grant-funding streams to:

  • develop continuing care capacity with Indigenous groups and organizations
  • increase continuing care capacity in identified priority communities
  • modernize existing facilities

For Indigenous peoples, wherever they live, this new program will support the development of continuing care spaces, either on- or off-reserves, and on- or off-Metis settlements, to provide better access to health services.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants must be a legal entity located in the Province of Alberta and include:

  • First Nation ‘Band’ as defined in Canada’s Indian Act
  • First Nations
  • Aseniwuche Winewak Nation
  • First Nation owned corporations
  • Tribal Councils and Treaty Organizations
  • Metis Settlements General Council
  • Metis Settlements
  • Métis Nation of Alberta Association
  • other Métis regional or local associations or societies
  • Indigenous-owned businesses or development corporations
  • Indigenous not-for-profit organizations with a mandate related to the objectives of the Continuing Care Capital Program Indigenous stream

Eligible Expenses

In 2022, there will be a call for submissions from identified eligible applicants to either replace, upgrade, or renovate existing facilities to align with modern standards. Operators of these facilities may be eligible to receive capital grant funding.

Program details coming soon.

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