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Farm Water Supply


The Program provides grants on a cost-shared basis to cover Eligible Costs for approved Projects up to a maximum of $64,000 per Applicant over the Program Term.


The Farm Water Supply Program shares costs relating to enhancements of a producer’s on-farm water supply management, arising from a Long-Term Water Management Plan (LTWMP). These eligible costs are offered through Standard and Special Incentive projects described in detail in the Farm Water Supply Program Funding List.

Grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis for a variety of water sourcing, conservation and protection projects if they are previously identified in the producer’s approved LTWMP and meet the program’s Terms and Conditions.

Eligible Applicants

Producers, corporations and not-for-profit organizations with an active agricultural business in Alberta and a minimum of $10,000 of farm commodity production income are eligible. An eligible on-farm water project can be located on private land, rented land and certain types of Crown land subject to prior written approval from the landowner. The land on which a project is completed must be located in the Province of Alberta and must be actively farmed by the person applying for the grant at the time the project is completed.

Eligible Expenses

For a project to be eligible for funding under the Program, it must satisfy the following requirements. The project must: a) be identified in the Applicant’s approved Long Term Water Management Plan prior to the Applicant commencing the project (the project type and legal land description on the Long Term Water Management Plan and the Grant Application Form must match).

If a project contains necessary components that are not explicitly identified in the Long Term Water Management Plan, but are commonly part of the project, those components may be considered to be part of the project, in the Minister’s sole discretion;

b) be identified as a Standard Incentive Project or a Special Incentive Project in the Program Funding List, and meet the applicable requirements stated on the Program Funding List;

c) be commenced after all required approval(s) or authorizations(s) have been obtained by the Applicant from agencies, private landowners or right-of-way holders1 ;

d) be commenced after all governmental approvals for the construction of the project have been obtained by the Applicant, including those related to public health and safety, labour codes and standards, care and use of animals in research, wildlife habitat, and environmental protection, or alternatively after written confirmation has been obtained by the Applicant from the relevant government department that an approval for the project is not required;

e) be completed: i. on land that meets the requirements of s. 3.3.1 and 3.3.2; and ii. in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations; f) be Complete, as defined in s. 2.5, prior to the date the Grant Application Form is submitted to AF.

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