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Life Sciences Fellowship


Up to $200,000 in startup funding, including a $55,000/year stipend for the Fellow


Life Science Fellowship is a full-time, two-year program that provides experiential learning in research and development (R&D) commercialization/startup creation for life sciences entrepreneurs.

Eligible Applicants

Entrepreneurially-inclined candidates with advanced knowledge or experience in the type of R&D to be commercialized – commonly obtained through an advanced degree (Masters or greater).

Candidates must be:

  • Legally eligible to work in Canada;
  • Able to participate full-time in the Fellowship for two years;
  • Reside in Alberta during the Fellowship and maintain a company presence or office at the Life Sciences Innovation Hub.

Project/Startup Eligibility
The project must have a compelling plan for leveraging R&D to a create health-related product or service. A new company must be formed during the Fellowship, with the Fellow as the founding CEO or founding senior-level executive.

Project/Startup must:

  • Demonstrate the ability and intent to transfer R&D to the company;
  • Have a tangible plan for commercialization above R&D generation and publication;
  • Have a focus on digital health and life sciences (healthcare, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and health and wellness);
  • Be a project that is not a well-established company. Specifically, projects that have been incorporated and have had substantial business activity before July 1, 2020, are ineligible.

A total of six Fellowships will be awarded – four for digital health, and two life sciences.

Eligible Expenses

  • Up to $200,000 in startup funding, including a $55,000/year stipend for the Fellow.
  • Professional Development programming to rapidly upskill Fellows on how to navigate the commercialization process and attract more investment.
  • Mentorship from Expert Advisors.
  • Access to equipped life sciences laboratory space in the Life Sciences Innovation Hub.

Deadline Date

September 15, 2020


Contact Name: Jane Desrochers - Innovation Manager of New Ventures or Jim Wilson - Sr. Manager of Talent Development, Life Sciences Innovation Hub

E-mail Address: (Jane Desrochers) or (Jim Wilson)


Industry: Employment, Location: Alberta ,
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