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Manitoba Works Capital Incentive │ Government of Manitoba:


Rebate of the incremental education-related property taxes.


The Manitoba Works Capital Incentive encourages significant new business investment or existing business expansion by creating a competitive tax environment to help diversify Manitoba’s economy and stimulate job creation.

Eligible Applicants

The Manitoba Works Capital Incentive can be made available to a new or existing business interested in expanding in the province if:

  • The proponent company makes a minimum capital investment of $10M to a specific property;
  • A minimum of 65% of total project costs are from private sources; and
  • There is demonstrable potential to create and/or maintain a minimum of 10 jobs in the province or the new business activity has a substantial and measureable net economic benefit to the province.

Eligible Expenses


If the proponent company meets the above criteria, upon application they are considered for a rebate of the incremental education-related property taxes that are generated as a result of the capital investment on a property for a period up to 20 years, or until the education property tax is eliminated.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Manitoba Works Capital Incentive

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