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Mining Research and Innovation Support Program | Government of Québec


Up to 40% of eligible expenses.


The Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressourcesnaturelles (MERN) believes that it is essential to support research and innovation in the mining sector to ensure that Québec mining ventures remain competitive and keep pace with global developments in the sector. The research and innovation support program is intended for Québec mining companies to promote innovation in the mining sector, through research and development activities.

Mining development phases targeted by the program:

  • Exploration and development
  • Exploitation
  • Processing
  • Mine rehabilitation and restoration

Environmental objectives:

  • The design or experimentation of methods to mitigate greenhouse gases and the adaptation to climate change of mining operations in Québec
  • The commercialization of mine tailings and mine sites
  • Any other environmental objective

Social objectives:

  • Enhance social acceptability conditions
  • Reduce the adverse impacts of mining activity
  • Any other social objective

Eligible Applicants

The program is offered to any business corporation or group of business corporations active in the mining sector that is registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec and is established in Québec.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  Ongoing. Program runs until March 31, 2019.
Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Quebec ,
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