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Mitacs internship programs for Albertans:




In partnership with Mitacs, post-secondary institutions and employers, Alberta supports about 1,275 internship opportunities annually to enhance work-integrated learning for students and researchers.

Mitacs has a proven track record in supporting research and innovation, a broad network of partners, and an ability to provide high quality research internships and training opportunities in Alberta’s priority fields.

Eligible Applicants

Internships are available across 6 program streams:

  • Accelerate – Interns work on a peer-reviewed research project to address a business challenge faced by an industry partner
  • Accelerate Entrepreneur – Students entrepreneurs develop research or technology at the core of their business supported by an incubator
  • Accelerate International – Interns participate in global research collaborations
  • Elevate – Post-doctoral fellows tackle a sophisticated research challenge
  • Business Strategy Internships – Interns support businesses with restoring or modifying their business operations to adapt to the current business environment
  • Assessment Internship Initiative – Interns assess a host organization’s technology need and help identify a path forward such as adopting new technologies.

There are opportunities available for students seeking internships and work experience, and for organizations who wish to host interns and benefit from the talent they bring.

Eligible Expenses

For more information, click here: Mitacs programs

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.


Contact Name: Public Awareness Branch

Phone Number: 780-643-6393 or 310-0000

E-mail Address:


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