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Research Capacity Program


Up to 40% of the total eligible project costs


The Research Capacity Program (RCP) is a competitive funding program designed to support the acquisition of small equipment and large research infrastructure to build capacity in Alberta’s post-secondary institutions and attract, retain, and develop researchers undertaking transformative research and applied research programs.

The RCP includes the following competition streams:

Eligible Applicants

All submissions to the RCP must adhere to the CFI Policy and Program Guide with respect to eligibility criteria, application processes and related requirements.

Eligible institutions

The RCP adheres to the CFI’s applicant eligibility guidelines. Accordingly, RCP streams are limited to institutions approved as CFI-eligible. Please refer to the CFI Policy and Program Guide for details.

Eligible Expenses

The RCP uses a cost-shared funding approach to provide up to 40% of the total eligible project costs for successful applications, enabling projects to leverage support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and other sources.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Government of Alberta

Phone Number: 310-0000 (in Alberta) or 780-427-2711


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