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Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) │ Government of Alberta:


Low income Albertans can apply for a RAMP grant for: up to $7,500 per person each benefit year (April 1 to March 31); up to $15,000 per person within 10 years


Low-income Albertans with mobility challenges can apply for grants to modify their home through the Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP).

Eligible Applicants

You may be eligible for a RAMP grant if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in Alberta for 90 continuous days
  • an Albertan of any age who uses a wheelchair or a senior (65+ years) who uses a 4-wheel walker on an ongoing basis
  • living with a progressive neuro-degenerative disease
  • a homeowner, tenant or living with family
  • an Indigenous person living off- or on-reserve
  • within the income guidelines listed below for your family size

Eligible Expenses

Eligible Expenses:

To qualify, modifications must:

  • enable you to enter and move within your own living space
  • be permanent – RAMP will review requests for temporary modifications on a case-by-case basis
  • be made to properties in Alberta
  • be completed within 90 days of approval, unless authorized by RAMP

Deadline Date

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