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Residential Schools Community Research Grant




The Residential Schools Community Research Grant funds Indigenous-led engagement, research and related activities associated with the documented and undocumented deaths and burials of Indigenous children at any of the historical Indian residential school sites in Alberta.

Eligible Applicants

The following, located in Alberta, are eligible for funding:

  • First Nations
  • Metis Settlements General Council and Metis Settlements
  • Métis Nation of Alberta
  • Aseniwuche Winewak Nation
  • Tribal councils and Treaty organizations
  • Indigenous not-for-profit organizations, including Friendship Centres with projects related to ARSCRG objectives
  • other communities/organizations with close connections to Residential Schools may be eligible for funding

Eligible Expenses

Grant funding will be available to Indigenous communities and organizations for the following purposes:

  • community-driven research, including gathering oral histories and knowledge of Elders (as appropriate)
  • community-led engagement to determine how communities wish to proceed with a burial site
  • use of ground penetrating radar and other technologies to explore potential unmarked burial sites
  • this will be done with experts experienced in locating human burials
  • the Alberta government will provide guidance and resources to ensure fieldwork and analysis are conducted according to the highest standards
  • maintenance and commemorative work, such as installing or restoring grave markers, placement of memorials or commemoration events


  • For joint submissions, there is no funding cap. Decisions will be made based on the proposal.
  • For individual communities and organizations, funding will be capped at $150,000.
  • There is no requirement for the applicant to contribute financially to the project costs. All sources of funding should be disclosed in the proposal.
  • The grant stack funding level to a recipient from all government sources (including federal, provincial and municipal) for any initiative can be up to 100% of eligible costs. Applicants may be required to redirect funding to other residential school grant purposes if they receive funding from other sources after receiving provincial funding.

Deadline Date

  January 15, 2022


Contact Name: Indigenous Relations

E-mail Address:


Industry: Indigenous, Location: Alberta ,
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