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Risk Mitigation




The Risk Mitigation Program aims to support projects that proactively mitigate risks to protect and safeguard Alberta’s animal and plant resources, farm families and workers, food supply, and irrigation conveyance works.

Funding is available for projects that mitigate risks in the following seven (7) Subject Areas: Animal Health Biosecurity; Animal Health Traceability; Animal Welfare Humane Slaughter; Food Safety; Irrigation Conveyance Works; Farm Safety; and Plant Health.

Eligible Applicants

The eligible applicants for the program include agri-processors, industry associations, post-secondary institutions, rural municipalities, managers of irrigation conveyance works, federally and provincially licensed slaughtering facilities, farm service providers, and operators of livestock intermediary sites.

Eligible Expenses

To learn more about program eligibility and requirements, please contact the Subject Area Contact listed on their website indicated below.

Deadline Date

  Currently not accepting applications.


Contact Name: Alberta Department of Agriculture and Forestry


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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