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Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant


April 17, 2021 Update: Up to $10,000 in available funding per eligible application


The Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant offers financial assistance to Alberta businesses, cooperatives, and non-profit organizations that were ordered to close or curtail operations, and that experienced a revenue reduction of at least 30%, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program offers 2 payments to eligible applicants, with up to $20,000 in available funding per eligible application.

UPRATE: The Alberta government is offering small businesses affected by the most recent public health orders another payment of up to $10,000 from the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, an Alberta business, cooperative, or non-profit organization must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Be one of the following legal entities:

  • Corporation registered under the Business Corporations Act (Alberta)
  • Partnership registered under the Partnership Act (Alberta)
  • Sole proprietor with a trade name registered under the Partnership Act (Alberta)
  • Corporation incorporated under a special act or a private act of the Alberta legislature
  • Non-profit registered under a special act or a private act of the Alberta legislature
  • Non-profit registered under part 9 of the Companies Act (Alberta)
  • Society registered under the Societies Act (Alberta) or the Agricultural Societies Act (Alberta)
  • Cooperative registered under the Cooperatives Act (Alberta)

2. Maintain a permanent establishment (as defined in Appendix I) in Alberta and be established (and in good standing) under at least one of the above acts/legislation:
3. Be carrying on business/operations or were eligible to carrying on business/operations in Alberta on February 29, 2020;
4. Have less than 500 employees (full time + part time + contract); seasonal businesses may use the number of employees from the year prior to when the COVID-19 public health orders were introduced, or the average
number of employees over the three years prior to the COVID-19 public health orders introduced.
5. Have been ordered to temporarily close or curtail operations through a COVID-19 public health order;
6. Have experienced a reduction in revenue of at least 50 per cent in April and/or May 2020 in comparison to April 2019, May 2019, or February 2020 as a result of the public health orders; seasonal businesses that only operate for part of the year may use their average monthly sales revenue for the full months they were in operation during 2019.
7. Are open or plan to reopen as public health orders are lifted through Alberta’s phased relaunch.
8. Have not received any payments, grants, or amounts from any other sources, including insurance, to replace or compensate for the loss of revenue/earned revenue other than amounts from these government assistance programs:

  • Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board premium relief
  • Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP)
  • Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)
  • Western Economic Development Regional Relief and Recovery Fund
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)
  • Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA)
  • Government of Alberta grant relief funding for the child care sector

Eligible Expenses

Businesses, cooperatives and non-profits can use these funds as they see fit to help offset a portion of the impact of new public health measures or their relaunch costs, such as implementing measures to minimize the risk of virus transmission, which could include:

  • physical barriers
  • purchasing personal protective equipment and disinfecting supplies
  • paying rent and employee wages
  • replacing inventory and more

Deadline Date

  May 31, 2021.


Contact Name: Government of Alberta

E-mail Address:


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