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Accelerate | Mitacs:


Contribute $7,500 per 4- to 6-month unit, which receives a $15,000 research award. For six or more units with three or more interns, you have the option to contribute $6,000 per project unit, which receives a $13,300 research award.


Mitacs builds partnerships between academia, industry, and the world – to create a more innovative Canada. Solve your research challenges with university expertise, matching funds, and one-to-one support from Mitacs. Internships start at four months and can scale up as much as you need.

Eligible Applicants


  • Eligible for-profit corporations in Canada and not-for-profit corporations in Canada
  • For-profit businesses operating outside Canada
  • Under the Accelerate Entrepreneur initiative, eligible intern-owned start-ups at approved incubators. Contact to confirm your start-up’s eligibility
  • Not-for-profit corporation eligibility and project economic orientation must be assessed prior to proposal submission
  • All sectors

Eligible Expenses

Grant funds must contribute towards the direct costs of the research for which the funds were awarded, and the benefits should be directly attributable to the grant.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Trevor Wiltzen

Phone Number: 587.334.0532

E-mail Address:


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