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Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Concepts Program │ Alberta Innovates


Alberta Innovates will contribute up to $600,000 CAD to support approved projects for a maximum term of 36 months.


The Accelerating Innovations into CarE – Concepts Program serves to advance early-stage health research that demonstrates high commercial potential in priority areas of precision health.

AICE-Concepts enables innovators to accelerate their journey across four domains of commercialization:

  • Product Development,
  • Business Readiness,
  • Product-Market Fit, and
  • Regulatory Compliance.

Eligible Applicants

Projects must:

  • Be led by an Alberta-based post-secondary institution or government health authority;
  • Apply a computational technology or technique to address at least one clearly defined clinical problem that is relevant to the precision health priority areas of this call, as stated in the previous section. Network-based precision health approaches will be prioritized.
  • Address at least two health innovation domains within the health innovation cycle.

Eligible Expenses

The Program aims to realize health, social, and economic benefits for Alberta. The Program provides resources to enable projects that center on precision health to drive clinical decision optimization and maximum health benefits.

This call is seeking to apply computational technologies or techniques to realize personalized health benefits in the following priority areas:

  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis

Deadline Date

  Application registration – deadline: June 30, 2021; Application – deadline: September 1, 2021


Contact Name: Sunil Rajput, PhD (Senior Business Partner - Health Innovation)

Phone Number: 780-603-3905

E-mail Address:


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