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Accessible Digital Books — Support for Organizations | Canada Book Fund


Funding per project varies but funding of more than $250,000 is exceptional and reserved for projects with broad national impact in either or both language markets. An initial funding cap of $100,000 will be applied for successful collective conversion projects.


Budget 2019 announced an investment of $22.8 million over 5 years for the development of an initiative to support the sustainable production and distribution of accessible digital books by Canadian independent publishers through the Canada Book Fund.

The objective of this initiative is to encourage the Canadian book industry to integrate accessible publishing features into the production and distribution of digital books (ebooks and audio books) that can be used by everyone, including readers living with print disabilities. Specifically, this initiative aims to increase the availability of “born accessible” Canadian-authored digital titles.

Eligible Applicants

Canadian-owned and -controlled organizations representing or related to the Canadian book industry are invited to apply for funding for collective projects that support the broad objectives of the accessible digital book initiative and the specific objectives for year-two projects outlined above.

Priority will be given to projects:

  • demonstrating the involvement of Canadians with print disabilities or organizations that provide services to this population, including library organizations
  • involving partnerships between organizations in different language markets or involving different parts of the industry (e.g., publishers and distributors)
  • demonstrating multiple sources of funding and/or a strategy for long-term financial viability.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible projects:

A wide variety of projects may be eligible for funding within the existing categories of marketing, professional development, internships and technology projects.

Examples of projects could include:

  • Development or implementation of collective production or conversion strategies to respond to identified gaps in the accessible book market or in Canadian libraries
  • Professional development to increase understanding of the benefits of accessible publishing and the needs of Canadians with print disabilities
  • Technology projects that seek to improve access to, and discoverability of, accessible digital books in Canadian libraries or on existing sales platforms.

Note: Should you have further questions, you are encouraged to contact the Canada Book Fund program to discuss your project before applying.

Deadline Date

May 28, 2021
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