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Aging in Place Challenge Program




The Aging in Place Challenge program will support a sustainable model for long-term care by shifting the focus toward preventive home and community-based care. The program’s objectives will focus on improving the quality of life of older adults and their personal caregivers through innovation that will support safe and healthy aging. The aim is to enable nursing homes to concentrate on older adults with the highest needs while reducing costs to the Canadian health care system.

Eligible Applicants

Researchers from the academic, public, not-for-profit, and private sectors as well as from Indigenous governments and organizations to express their interest in collaborating with the Program. NRC is currently seeking collaborators with research expertise in human mobility pattern analysis, cognitive aging models, remote usability testing, technology adoption, online safety, emergency resiliency, and project ideas contributing to one of the focus areas listed above. Also, NRC is developing a panel of experts by experience, and invite older adults and caregivers who wish to participate on the panel to submit their interest.

Eligible Expenses

Grant and contribution funding will be available through the NRC’s National Program Office for eligible collaborators who offer complementary expertise. This may include contributions to collaborative R&D as well as equipment needed for research in fundamental areas.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Dr. Amaya Arcelus (Program Director, Aging in Place Challenge Program)

E-mail Address:


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