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Artist Development Microgrant │ Calgary Arts Development:


Up to $5,000. Total funding available for this program is $450,000 ($225,000 per intake).


This program is intended to support professional and artistic skill development or business and career development activities for individual artists and artist collectives. The goal of the program is to contribute to the skills and knowledge required to advance artists’ careers and develop artistic practices in Calgary (known as Mohkinsstsis in Blackfoot).

Eligible Applicants

  • This program is open to professional individual artists and artist collectives.
  • Applicants must either be Calgary-based or be able to demonstrate that the majority of their work is accessible to the citizens of Calgary, and thatthey have a meaningful and ongoing relationship with the city and its artistic communities.

Eligible Expenses

Please ensure that your proposed activity is eligible for this program first. Then you may refer to the below list for guidance on eligible expenses:

  • Accessibility expenses
  • Course fees (for individual courses that do not count toward the pursuit of a credit, diploma or degree-granting program)
  • Documentation
  • Marketing, promotion, publicity or outreach
  • Travel expenses
  • Per diem (a fixed daily rate for meals and incidentals while not at your primary residence)
  • Accommodation (while not at your primary residence)
  • Subsistence expenses (ongoing monthly expenses such as rent, utilities, food, child care, etc.) (must be necessary for accessing the specific development opportunity)
  • Professional fees (e.g., fees paid to individuals offering professional services such as web design, publicity or marketing, financial, accounting or legal services)
  • Technical fees (e.g., web service fees, licensing fees)
  • Honorariums
  • Materials (must be necessary for accessing the specific development opportunity, such as an artist residency)
  • Rental of space
  • Rental of equipment
  • Purchase of equipment, including hardware and permanent software up to $2,500 maximum (must be directly related to your proposed development activities)

Deadline Date

  First Intake: April 5, 2023; Second Intake: September 13, 2023.


Contact Name: Perpetual Atife, Grant Program Specialist or Taylor Poitras, Program Specialist

Phone Number: 403.264.5330 ext.229 or ext.215

E-mail Address: or


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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