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Cancer Research for Screening and Prevention Program Fund


up to $1 million


The Cancer Research for Screening and Prevention (CRSP) program-funding grants are available to support and encourage cancer prevention and screening initiatives to improve health outcomes for Albertans.

Eligible Applicants

The following Alberta-based institutions can apply for the grant:

  • post-secondary institutions
  • incorporated provincial non-profit community organizations
    • Organizations must be in operation for a minimum of one year and be in good standing with required filings and their status.
  • Alberta Health Services, including the Strategic Clinical Networks
  • Métis settlements and First Nations communities and organizations
  • municipalities (cities, towns, villages, etc.)

Eligible Expenses

The Alberta government is allocating time-limited grants of up to $1 million to principal investigators from eligible institutions for:

  • research or proof of concept initiatives that promote improvements to cancer screening practices
  • health promotion and prevention research with cancer-related outcomes
  • development of care pathways

Deadline Date

  October 31, 2022.


Contact Name: Alberta Health, Research and Innovation Branch

E-mail Address:


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