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CMF-Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Digital Animated Series Program


The total budget of the Program shall be $3.75 million. The Maximum Contribution provided to a project funded through the Program shall be the lesser of $525,000 or 75% of the project’s Eligible Costs.


The CMF-Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Digital Animated Series Program is a collaboration between the Canada Media Fund and the Shaw Rocket Fund to fund the production of Canadian digital animated series for children and youth audiences while encouraging the use of new technology.

An Eligible Project must be an original, animated series, in its first season, that meets the CMF’s definition of Children and Youth programming, created initially for digital distribution1 on a platform that is meaningfully available to Canadian audiences.

Eligible Applicants

  • Indigenous peoples of Canada
  • Racialized communities
  • LGBTQ2+ community and non-binary people
  • People with disabilities
  • Official Language Minority Communities

Eligible Expenses

Eligible Costs are the budgeted or final costs of the project, as applicable (including both related-party and non-related party costs), plus any costs the Parties consider necessary, minus costs the Parties consider excessive, inflated or unreasonable. Assessment of a project’s Eligible Costs shall be done at the CMF and SRF’s discretion. The CMF and SRF estimate Eligible Costs at the time of application, based on the budget for the project.

Deadline Date

  January 11, 2022


Contact Name: Canada Media Fund

Phone Number: 1.800.567.0890

E-mail Address:


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