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COSIA Land Challenge




The COSIA Land Environmental Priority Area (EPA) has identified an opportunity to significantly reduce or eliminate vegetation clearing associated with exploration across the boreal forest and, in particular, within the oil sands region of northern Alberta, Canada, for in situ

Eligible Applicants

• Companies (small, medium, or large);
• Academic researchers;
• Research institutes;
• Consultants;
• Exploration contractors
• Venture capitalists; and
• Entrepreneurs or inventors

Eligible Expenses

A list and description of the performance metrics that will be used to guide: (a) innovators in proposal development; and (b) COSIA during proposal evaluation and awarding of the winner(s).

  • Disturbance Footprint
  • Reservoir Data Needs
  • Safety

Deadline Date

April 1, 2021


Contact Name: Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)

Phone Number: 403-444-4282

E-mail Address:


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