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Digital Technology Supercluster – Call for COVID-19 Solutions | Canada’s Digital Techonology Supercluster




The Digital Technology Supercluster is leading the development of solutions to some of the biggest issues created by COVID-19. The COVID-19 Program is focused on unlocking solutions to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and our economy through the development, deployment, and scaling of digital technologies. The Program will focus on five pressing needs:

  • Health system- technologies that support our health systems, hospitals and healthcare workers to effectively manage resources to provide high quality care to patients.
  • Community health- technology solutions that enable Canadians, their families and friends to access to care in their communities, in their homes and/or in remote locations, and to connect and support each other.
  • Safe Living- enabling technologies for Canadians to live safely and securely, and to access the support and resources they need, whether at home or at work.
  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics- platforms that support sharing of data, research and scientific developments and for support clinical trials in the drive to discover and deploy new vaccines, diagnostic tests and therapies for COVID- 19.
  • Emergency Response- tools and technologies that can be used to predict, plan and respond to any subsequent COVID-19 waves and other crises situations.
  • Other Contributions- other technology solutions that can address the effects of COVID-19.

Eligible Applicants

  • Any Member or Associate of the Supercluster may submit an idea for
  • A Project Proposal for the COVID-19 Program must be led by a SuperclusterMember or Associate who will become a Member upon selection of the
  • Projects must have experienced and capable project management.
  • Collaboration is core to the Program. However, in some exceptionalsituations, the Supercluster may invest in single company initiatives. Potential partners and/or sub-contractors who will be involved in the execution of the project should be identified. The Supercluster will help organizations identify potential partners.

For Co-investment Eligibile Organizations:

  • Potential partners and/or subcontractors who will be involved in the execution of the project must be identified in theproposal and their costs included in the project budget.
  • The Supercluster will fund an industry member that leads a consortium-based projectteam of organizations participating in the project. Other project participants will receive funds from the lead industry member under a related arrangement.

Eligible Expenses

a) direct costs of the project;
b) gross wages, salaries or contracts incurred on project activities;
c) up to 20% of eligible employee benefits (e.g. disability, extended health, etc.);
d) incremental costs related to equipment, facilities, supplies, rental, dissemination, or maintenance costs;
e) user fees;
f) travel costs, including meal and accommodation costs in accordance with the National Joint Council Travel Directive;
g) capital expenditures vital for the success of research. Amounts over $1 million require separate approval in advance
h) foreign costs will only be considered on an exceptional basis and separate approval required in advance.
i) discounted cash costs, which are a good or service that is sold, or will be sold, as part of an organization’s normal business model. These costs are assessed at fair market value, require pre-approval and are maxed at 25% of project costs.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Canada’s Digital Techonology Supercluster

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