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Forest Innovation Program | Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)




The FIP directly supports the Transformative Technologies Program and the work of the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre(CWFC). The Transformative Technologies Program supports pre-commercial research and development and technology transfer for innovative technologies and processes in the forest sector. This research, which is delivered by FPInnovations, Canada’s not-for-profit forest research institute, is focused on four key areas:

  • next-generation building systems
  • bio-product development
  • integrated value maximization
  • innovation deployment

The Canadian Wood Fibre Centre collaborates with FPInnovations to enhance the relevance of CFS work by aligning federal research with the needs of industry. It delivers federal government solutions to problems identified by the forest sector.

The FIP combines the activities of the Transformative Technologies Program and the technology transfer activities aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises previously delivered under the Value to Wood Program.

Eligible Applicants

Small and medium enterprises

Eligible Expenses

The CWFC has funded the following projects:


  • Canadian Institute of Forestry – Supporting Forest Sector Innovation, Development and Research through effective Knowledge Transfer Activities and Services (1-year funding)
  • Canadian Woodlands Forum – Integrating forest science and innovation in forestry operations through effective Knowledge Transfer (1-year funding)
  • Centre d’enseignement et de recherche en foresterie de Ste-Foy – Development of an innovative method of satellite photogrammetry in support of the enhanced forest inventory (1-year funding)
  • FPInnovations – Improving Canada’s forest sector through the transfer of scientific knowledge (1-year funding)
  • Institut de recherche en biologie végétale – Interprovincial opportunities for sustainable fibre and enhanced bioproducts from phytofiltration (1-year funding)
  • Lakehead University – Waste not, want not: does the application of bioenergy waste to managed forest soils affect their resilience? (1-year funding)
  • Northern Hardwoods Research Institute Inc. – Development of new improved inventory variables for silviculture of deciduous and mixed stands (1-year funding)
  • Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute – Evaluating Bulk Drying Options for Forestry Residue using Computation Fluid Dynamics (1-year funding)
  • The New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners – Enhancing private woodlot management in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia using next-generation forest inventory data (1-year funding)

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Innovation and Industry Relations Unit

Phone Number: 613-986-1533


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