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Green Streets | Tree Canada




Green Streets, a flagship program of Tree Canada, is Canada’s only nationally-based municipal forestry innovation program.

Since 1994, more than 500 Canadian municipalities have received support from Tree Canada through the Green Streets program.

Eligible Applicants

The aim of the Green Streets program is to encourage leading-edge practices relating to trees in communities’ coast to coast, including:

  • Innovative urban forest planning
  • Policy and best management practices workshops
  • Outreach and educational activities on innovative practices
  • Innovative management tools to protect and maintain the community trees
  • Innovative urban design which showcases “green infrastructure”

Tree Canada encourages Canadian municipalities and Aboriginal communities nation-wide, as well as Business Improvement Associations (BIAs) in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto to apply for funding in support of forward-thinking innovative projects.

Eligible Expenses

Our projects support greening in communities of all kinds from schools to hospitals and from the smallest indigenous communities to our biggest urban centres.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Tree Canada

Phone Number: 1-877-666-1444

E-mail Address:


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