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Innovation & Experimentation Program │ Canada Media Fund


Successful applicants receive funding in an amount appropriate to the needs of the Project and subject to a Maximum Contribution of the lesser of 75% of the Project’s Eligible Costs or $1.5 million.


The objective of the Innovation & Experimentation Program is to fund Canadian interactive digital media content and application software that is innovative and leading-edge.

Eligible Applicants

1) A company that:
a) Is for-profit: i.e. a taxable Canadian corporation, within the meaning of the Income Tax Act (Canada). Note: Not-for-profit corporations are not eligible Applicants to the CMF, however coproductions or partnerships between for-profit and not-for-profit corporations may be allowed where the not-for-profit corporation holds a minority interest in the Project; in such a case the CMF will only contribute to the Eligible Costs related to the for-profitcorporation.
b) Is Canadian-controlled as determined for the purposes of sections 26 to 28 of the Investment CanadaAct.
c) Has its head office based in Canada.
d) Is in good standing with all applicable talent and industry associations and guilds.
1) A Canadian Broadcaster2
An eligible Applicant must own and control all the rights necessary to produce and exploit the Project that is the subject of the
application at every stage of the Project’s life-cycle, including Prototyping; entities that provide services but do not own the
applicable rights are not eligible to be applicants to the CMF. Note: For the purposes of these Guidelines, the term Applicant includes all coapplicants, and/or all related, associated, affiliated or parent companies and/or individuals (as determined by the CMF at its sole discretion), as applicable.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible Costs must be costs directly related to the Project, including but not limited to:
▪ Research and preparation of content
▪ Salaries and benefits/wages/contracts for Project team (Project management, business development, coding,
design, system infrastructure, content development
▪ Technology infrastructure (hardware and software)
▪ Travel and accommodations
▪ Project audit fees
▪ Other technical and administrative expenses
▪ Marketing and promotion

Deadline Date

  September 17, 2020 (Innovation & Experimentation Program: Production); October 15, 2020 (Limited Marketing and Promotion: Innovation & Experimentation Program)


Contact Name: Canada Media Fund


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