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NATO Innovation Challenge




NATO Innovation Challenge edition focuses on data management and security in the context of civil-military cooperation in support of reconstruction efforts.

Fall 2022

In today’s complex and unpredictable environment, governments and organizations must be resilient in order to withstand shocks like natural disasters, failure of critical infrastructure, and military attacks.

This challenge addresses Resilience from a whole-of-society approach, combining the civilian, economic, commercial, and military factors. It emphasizes the importance of planned data collection, secure data sharing and effective data management during the crisis.

Eligible Applicants

All applicants from NATO member countries can apply to the NATO Innovation Challenge.

Candidates screened-in for the top “Made in Canada” prize must meet the following eligibility criteria under the IDEaS program:

  • Canadian universities and educational institutions chartered in Canada;
  • Incorporated Canadian not-for-profit organizations or associations;
  • Provincial/territorial or municipal government organizations;
  • Incorporated Canadian for-profit companies, organizations or associations; and
  • Any group, cluster or consortium composed of eligible recipients, and their researchers and professionals, including their international S&T collaborators. All eligible recipients must possess the legal status necessary to enter into an agreement.
  • Federal and provincial crown corporations are not eligible for funding under the Contribution Program.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  September 19, 2022


Contact Name: Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)

E-mail Address:


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