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Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF)


Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF)


The Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) was created by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) to support the funding of cleantech innovation in the natural gas value chain. It seeks to fill a technology development gap in the sector and invest in innovation enabling natural gas solutions for current and emerging challenges facing Canada’s energy system.

Eligible Applicants

  • Natural Gas Production – Technologies related to sustainable production, GHG and air emission management, water management and treatment, natural gas processing, LNG, digital transformation, natural gas generation including RNG, H2 production.
  • Natural Gas Transmission – Technologies related to advanced materials and technologies, energy efficiency, intelligent systems, methane capture.
  • Natural Gas Distribution – Technologies related to carbon capture, energy efficiency, heat and power generation, intelligent systems, methane capture, natural gas generation including RNG, H2 production…

Eligible Expenses

Strategic Goals:

NGIF’s mandate is to take action and advance the most promising enterprises in cleantech innovation and support them through their projects to commercialization and market success.

3-year goals to achieve success and deliver on its mandate:

  • Accelerate targeted cleantech commercialization.
  • Achieve investment model excellence.
  • Communicate and amplify results.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF)

Phone Number: 613-748-0057


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