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Preservation Funding for community housing


The maximum Preservation Funding available per project to complete eligible activities is $50,000. Maximum funding may be increased to $75,000 on a case-by-case basis.


Preservation Funding provides financial assistance to support the cost of completing preservation activities. Financial assistance to help community housing providers complete preservation activities related to the sustainability of existing community housing projects. This funding helps:

  • existing community housing providers remain viable
  • prepare for future funding opportunities

Eligible Applicants

Minimum requirements

If you are under an active, eligible federally administered operating agreement 

  • You must comply with the terms of the operating agreement (not in breach).

If you were previously subject to a federally administered operating agreement that has since expired

  • This includes those previously administered under a federally administered operating agreement that was transferred under an SHA which have since expired.
  • Your project must:
    • be primarily residential
    • have a minimum of 5 affordable units or beds
    • be considered affordable, as determined by the municipality, province or territory, or as accepted under other CMHC programs


Eligible Expenses

Eligible activities

  • Funding may be provided to support costs that help preserve community housing.

Activities may include but are not limited to: 

  • a building condition report
  • capital replacement reserve planning
  • an operating viability analysis
  • an age-friendly conversion assessment
  • an energy audit

Deadline Date

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