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Production Program | Telefilm Canada:




The Production Program finances Canadian feature films at the production or post-production stage.

Eligible Applicants

An applicant must meet all the following eligibility criteria:

  • be a Canadian-controlled corporation, as determined under sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act;
  • have its head office and carry out its activities in Canada; and
  • operate as an audiovisual production company.

Eligible Expenses

The Production Program (the “Program”) supports Canadian production companies at the production and/or post-production stage of their feature film project(s). The guiding principles of the Program are to invest in:

  • feature films that will speak to Canadian and international audiences, and that will bring both cultural impact and
    audience engagement. Telefilm seeks to fund films that will build and contribute to our Canadian cultural legacy.
  • filmmakers with a strong sensibility and perspective who will bring original voices and approaches and will advance
    cinematic expression.
  • emerging and established filmmakers to support them in advancing their artistic career through ambitious and
    impactful films.
  • greater equity and representation in storytelling, that reflects gender parity and diversity from various communities
    including Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, Gender-diverse identities and
    expressions, as well as People with Disabilities from all regions of the country
  • creative teams from Official Language Minority Communities and those situated outside the main production
    centres of Toronto and Montreal.
  • Indigenous content that is produced by creators who are Indigenous and/or have engaged in meaningful research,
    collaboration, and cooperation with Indigenous communities impacted by their projects.
  • creative teams who are from underrepresented communities and /or who have engaged in meaningful research, collaboration, and cooperation with the communities impacted by their projects.\
  • content creation that helps advance sustainable production practices and that encourages environmental responsibility.

Deadline Date

  June 30, 2023.


Contact Name: Telefilm Canada

Phone Number: 438-806-4865 or 1-800-567-0890 (toll-free)

E-mail Address:


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