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Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP) │ Government of Alberta:


The maximum assistance available per household is $5,000 in a benefit year and $15,000 in a lifetime.


Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP) grants may be available to eligible senior homeowners with low income who do not qualify for a SHARP loan to help with certain home repairs. You must provide a completed SHARP application to be considered for a grant.

Eligible Applicants

You may be eligible for a grant if you and your spouse/partner (if applicable) are:

  • not eligible for a SHARP loan
  • 65 years of age or older (only one spouse/partner needs to be 65)
  • Canadian citizen(s) or have been lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence
  • Alberta resident(s) and have lived in Alberta for at least 3 months
  • senior(s) with income below the SHARP grant income thresholds
  • receiving or have applied for all other eligible seniors financial assistance

Eligible Expenses

Home insurance at full replacement value is not an eligibility requirement for the grant.

Income eligibility:

You may be eligible for a grant if you are a:

  • single senior with a total annual income of $28,785 or less
  • senior couple with a total combined annual income of $46,745 or less

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Alberta Supports Contact Centre

Phone Number: 1-877-644-9992


Industry: Housing, Location: Alberta ,
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