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Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program – Community Airport Program


Funding for approved projects is cost-shared: 75% provincial contribution for eligible project costs 25% municipal contribution for eligible project costs


The Community Airport Program (CAP) is one of 4 funding streams of the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program. Its goal is to maintain the existing network of public-use community airports to support:

  • safe airport operations
  • general aviation operations
  • commercial air charters
  • forest fire suppression
  • medevac operations
  • local and regional economic development
  • provincial investment in airports

Eligible Applicants

Municipalities that own/operate community-owned, public-use airports are eligible for funding, including:

  • towns
  • villages
  • summer villages
  • counties
  • specialized municipalities
  • municipal districts
  • the special areas
  • Metis Settlements

Eligible Expenses

Only existing community airports are eligible for funding. Eligible projects include runway lighting and major capital rehabilitation, including pavement rehabilitation work, such as fog seals, slurry seals and overlays, of the following aircraft operating areas:

  • primary runway
  • apron
  • primary taxiway from main/terminal apron to runway

Runway extensions may be eligible for funding if:

  • the project benefits contribute to the overall goals of this program
  • the municipality/private industry provides a significant financial contribution to the project
  • funding is available

Deadline Date

  Open until November 30 for funding in the following year


Contact Name: Contact your local Alberta Transportation Regional Office


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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