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Supporting Artistic Practice Support Organizations


Up to 60% of your total annual revenues, averaged over the last 3 years.


The Support Organizations component of Supporting Artistic Practice funds Canadian arts organizations that reinforce Canadian art practice through a range of targeted activities and services, including those that bolster the creative and professional capacities of artists working in all disciplines.

Eligible Applicants

Support organizations and shared platforms

Artist-run centres

Magazines on the arts and literature

Agencies and management service organizations

To be eligible, your organization must:

Presently receive core (operating) support through one of the Canada Council programs


Have received at least 3 Canada Council project grants in the last 5 years. This excludes grants from Leadership for Change: Grants for Organizational Development, Flying Squad, Visiting Foreign Artists, and travel programs (with the exception of Audience and Market Development Travel Grants)

Be a registered or incorporated arts organization

Work with a professional staff

Have at least 5 years of continuous activities and services that support professional arts practice

Have had total revenues exceeding $50 000 in each of the last 3 years (some exceptions may be considered)

Magazine publishers: Your application will not be eligible if your organization owes royalty payments to writers, illustrators, translators and/or other copyright licensors as of the application deadline.

Eligible Expenses

You can apply for a contribution towards ongoing activities and services that:

Provide targeted resources and opportunities for the development of a particular artistic practice, group of artists and/or arts organizations

Deadline Date

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