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SXSW Pitch




SXSW Pitch showcases innovative new technology to a panel of industry experts, high-profile media professionals, venture capital investors, and angel investors.

Eligible Applicants

  • The company’s product and / or service must have been conceived no earlier than March 21, 2021.
  • Each company may only enter one product or service to SXSW Pitch.
  • A company that enters more than one product or service will not be eligible to participate in SXSW Pitch.
  • Each applicant is only eligible to present in one of the SXSW family of startup innovation events (SXSW Pitch, SXSW Innovation Awards, or SXSW EDU Launch). If you would like to apply for SXSW Pitch and Innovative Awards, please note you will only be eligible to participate in one.
  • Founders of the company applying must retain some portion of ownership in the company.
  • The Company must not have raised over eight (8) Million Dollars in funding from combined funding sources.
  • The product or service must fall into one of the SXSW Pitch categories.

Eligible Expenses

2023 SXSW Pitch will feature 40 Interactive technology companies from eight different categories: Artificial Intelligence, Voice, & Robotics; Enterprise & Smart Data; Entertainment, Media & Content; Food, Nutrition, & Health; Future of Work; Innovative World Technologies; Metaverse & Web3; and Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability.

Deadline Date

  November 13, 2022.


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