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The Corus-CMF Page to Pitch Program| Canada Media Fund (CMF):




The Corus-CMF Page to Pitch Program (the “Program”) is a CMF Program open to a wide variety of Applicants to help fund Development activities for Television projects. The Program focusses on two distinct stages during the Development period of a Television project’s lifecycle:

  • Story and script development (“Page”); and
  • Acquiring pre-sale financing from foreign broadcasters and distributors (“Pitch”).

Eligible Applicants

  • Is a for-profit
  • Is Canadian-controlled as determined in sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act;
  • Has its head office in Canada

Eligible Expenses


  • Research, Scriptwriting consultant, Story editor, Option fees paid to an unrelated party, or acquisition of rights fees
  • Preliminary synopsis and treatment, Scriptwriting (1st draft scripts, polish, bible etc.)
  • Storyboards or animatics, Script workshops, Audience research
  • Focus groups, Showrunner fees, Digital media concept6, Producer fees and corporate overhead (subject to the Producer Fees and Corporate Overhead Policy)
  • Accounting fees (if review engagement is required as per the Accounting and Reporting Requirements)


  • Creation of pitch material including short non-broadcast demos, Development of production budget and financing
  • Travel and accommodation costs related to procuring international pre-sales
  • Sales market attendance
  • Arms-length legal costs, Producer fees and corporate overhead and Accounting fees

Deadline Date

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