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The Sky’s the Limit Challenge | Impact Canada




Seeking a Canadian Breakthrough in Green Aviation Fuels through The Sky’s the Limit Challenge.

The objectives of The Sky’s the Limit Challenge (the Challenge) are:

  • Accelerate innovation to bring down the cost of sustainable aviation fuel and reduce GHG emissions from air transportation.
  • Build on Canadian strengths (e.g., forestry, agriculture, fuel production, innovation) to develop a world-class supply chain for the production of sustainable aviation fuel.
  • Support Canadian leadership in clean technology innovation and the growing global market for green fuels. Promote the use of Canadian-made sustainable aviation fuel in domestic commercial flights in Canada.


Eligible Applicants

Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition

Legal entities validly incorporated and validly existing in Canada, including:

  • for-profit and not-for-profit organizations such as companies, industry associations and research associations;
  • Indigenous organizations and groups; and
  • Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Cross-Canada Flight Competition

  • A sustainable aviation fuel producer duly incorporated and validly existing in Canada.

Note: Non-Canadian individuals and entities may be part of a partnership but cannot be the project lead applying to the Canada Flight Competition and will not claim the $1 million prize.

Eligible Expenses

Stream 1: Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition

An open call for proposals where up to four finalists will receive up to $2 million each over 18 months to support their efforts to develop the best way to scale up sustainable aviation fuel in Canada, leveraging the experience gained from the first production. Applicants are encouraged to develop a consortium across the supply chain to support their efforts.

At the end, a $5-million prize will be awarded to the finalist with the most economically and environmentally sustainable approach for commercial-scale sustainable aviation fuel production in Canada.

Stream 2: Cross-Canada Flight Competition

A prize of $1 million will be awarded to the first sustainable aviation fuel producer to provide 2500 litres of Canadian-produced sustainable aviation fuel to be used as part of a cross-Canada commercial flight with a minimum blend of 10% sustainable aviation fuel.


Deadline Date

  Cross-Canada Flight Competition: January 1, 2021 and Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition: February 1, 2019


Contact Name: Impact Canada

E-mail Address:


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