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Women in Sport Encouragement (WISE) Fund | Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS)


WISE Fund will grant 30 organizations $2500


Canadian Women & Sport is committed to the equitable distribution of grant funds to all communities and underrepresented groups across the country.

Since 2004, Canadian Women and Sport has awarded $250,000 in grants through our WISE Fund to leaders and organizations across Canada to help address this gap.

With the support of Sport Canada, the 2022 WISE Fund will grant 30 organizations $2500 to advance gender equity in Canadian sport.

Eligible Applicants

In order to be eligible for a WISE grant, applicants must meet the following criteria and fit into one of the two categories:

Category: Coach/Official/Sport Administrator

You should apply for the WISE Fund in this category if you:

  • Are a female coach, official, sport administrator, instructor, volunteer, teacher who is interacting with girls and women in a sport AND/OR;
  • Have NCCP coaching certification or are in the process of completing it AND/OR;
  • Have an affiliation with a provincial/territorial sport organization (PSO/TSO), national sport organization (NSO) or a multi-sport organization (MSO) or work/volunteer for a club/team who is a member of a P/TSO/NSO/MSO

Eligible Expenses

You should apply for the WISE Fund in this category if you:

  • Are representing a club or team that has an affiliation with a provincial/territorial or national sport organization (P/TSO/NSO) AND/OR;
  • Are applying on behalf of a P/TSO or NSO or MSO who has a partnership affiliation indirectly or directly with Sport Canada AND/OR;
  • Are a community-based or school sports group (such as a club or team) AND/OR;
  • Are planning to use the WISE Fund grant for an initiative (new or existing) intended to provide opportunities for girls and women to participate in sport and/or intended to promote sport to girls and women

Deadline Date

  Applications will be open October 12, 2021 – November 2, 2021.


Contact Name: CAAWS

Phone Number: 419-901-0484

E-mail Address:


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