Location: Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan

Home to several state-of-the-art laboratories, SRC offers reliable, professional commercial laboratory services. We also have dedicated labs that focus on contract RD&D. With laboratories in Saskatoon and Regina, SRC is your source for a variety of full-service solutions offered to multiple industries such as agriculture and biotechnology, environment, energy and mining. By investing in new technologies and world-class researchers, we are continuing to expand our capabilities, moving SRC to the forefront of RD&D. We are committed to the quality and security of our services and results.


  • Advanced Microanalysis Centre™
  • Bioprocessing Laboratory
  • Biotechnology Laboratories
  • Environmental Analytical Laboratories
  • Geoanalytical Laboratories
  • Mineral Processing Lab and Pilot Plant
  • Petroleum Analytical Laboratories
  • Pipe Flow Technology Centre™
  • SVX Laboratory
  • TSVX Laboratory