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AgTech Investment Program


Up to $50,000


Sente Foundry LLC and GrowRay Lighting Technologies. are looking for innovative startups to participate in their Indoor AgTech program, taking place virtually from October to December 2020.

The program features an intense set of activities to analyze and evaluate participating startups, connect them with projects with indoor and greenhouse customers, and introduce them to an ecosystem of indoor AgTech investors and service providers.

Eligible Applicants

Innovative startups in the Agricultural sector.

Priority areas include:

  • Lighting technologies
  • Computer vision for indoor agriculture
  • Fertigation technologies
  • Pest control applications
  • Automation of indoor growing processes
  • Operations software
  • Plant data technologies
  • Workflow management for indoor agriculture

Eligible Expenses

The program will include:

  • An intense set of activities to analyze and evaluate your business that will help your company attract serious investors and customers (100% online)
  • A virtual industry conference on December 8-9 that connects startups with customers and the venture capital community
  • Coaching on your product and technology and how it can be used in different agricultural and horticultural applications
  • Opportunities outside your home geography (e.g., North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East)
  • A tight network of complementary technology companies that, together, can be more powerful than they can individually
  • A committed ecosystem of indoor agriculture technology companies, agtech investors, and multi-state cultivation operators that are ready to pilot groundbreaking technologies
  • For chosen early-stage startups, opportunity for investment of $50k+ and access to investor network for later-stage investments

Deadline Date

August 31, 2020


Contact Name: Sente Foundry, LLC

E-mail Address:


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