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Business Growth Program | Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRI)




Whether you are a new company, have a new product or service, or need support expanding the uptake of your energy saving product or service, you can benefit from the SSRIA Business Growth Program. Each company that participates will receive a customized assessment, roadmap and coaching to meet their specific needs.

Eligible Applicants

  • An SSRIA member that operates in Alberta (to be eligible for subsidized program rates)
  • A business with a product or service intended to reduce GHG emissions produced by buildings
  • Part of an SSRIA funded current or future project team
  • Progressive leaders willing to invest in their business growth

Eligible Expenses

Key Benefits:

  • Valuable expertise to support your business growth, optimization and productivity at a significantly subsidized rate
  • Improve potential for success of your SSRIA Green Building Technology Network project
  • Accelerate and ensure successful expansion in the building industry
  • If the need for capital is identified, receive expert support and access to capital opportunities

Deadline Date

October 15, 2020


Contact Name: Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRI)

E-mail Address:


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