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Career Ready Program | TECHNATION


up to $7000.00 in wage subsidy


TECHNATION’s Career Ready Program supports students to have meaningful work and provides businesses an affordable way to scale up their tech talent. With funding from the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), we provide subsidies for businesses of any size, all across Canada, to hire students in tech-immersive roles.

Eligible Applicants


  • You’re a registered Canadian business or organization.
  • You’re not a federal or provincial government group
  • You have the financial capacity to hire a student for a part of full-time work term, pay them consistently and provide a meaningful work experience
  • You’re not hiring a student who is an immediate family member
  • You’re not a post-secondary institution, bank or large financial sector employer, or a federal, provincial, or municipal government
  • You follow the Net New rule

Net new is determined by subtracting the number of students your company is intending to hire (forecast) in the current fiscal year, including those already hired, from the number of students hired by your company in a fiscal year prior to first participating in this program (baseline).

Eligible Expenses

Wage subsidies.

Deadline Date

  Open and closes. Summer 2023 Program is now open.
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