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Climate Innovation Fund │ Alberta EcoTrust


Anticipating funding requests in the range of $10,000 to $50,000. Alberta Ecotrust will accept applications for higher levels of funding (up to $100,000) if the project meets or exceeds the evaluation criteria across multiple categories with a high likelihood of scale-up/replication.


The Climate Innovation Fund Grant Program targets the major urban greenhouse gas emissions sources in Calgary and Edmonton. The program aims to support a broad range of climate positive interventions while ensuring an equitable and just future for all Albertans. Projects supported through the program may cover a diverse range of activities, from technology demonstration to collective impact and policy advancement.

Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible recipients of the Climate Innovation Fund Grant Program:

Eligible charities and nonprofits can partner with private sector experts and/or entities but must remain the lead proponent on the project.

Adjacent Communities with regional projects that meet the project selection criteria should contact our grants team directly to discuss eligibility.

Eligible Expenses

Grant funds can be used for any costs deemed reasonable and directly related to the project. We encourage applicants to use full cost accounting when determining the project budget. This includes:

  • Salaries
  • Contractor wages
  • Travel and accommodations
  • Existing programs that address our CIF Focus Areas
  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer tools (publications, website development etc.)
  • Capital items, supplies and materials
  • Portion of rent, telephone, etc.
  • Project-specific training

*Project start dates are often several months after the application deadline (i.e. mid-October or November).

Deadline Date

  July 31st. This year, Expression of Interest is extended until August 8, 2021.


Contact Name: Alberta Ecotrust

Phone Number: 403.209.2245 or 1.800.465.2147

E-mail Address:


Industry: Energy & Environment, Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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