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Community Capital Conservation Grants | City of Calgary




The grant recognizes and supports community associations and social recreation groups on City-owned land that maintain community-operated infrastructure (and are in compliance with the terms of their lease /license of occupation agreement) through funding for facility lifecycle planning and capital projects to maintain safe and healthy facilities for Calgarians.

Eligible Applicants

  • Hold a current lease or licence of occupation with The City of Calgary, or operate amenities with a current lease or licence of occupation agreement with the Calgary Board of Education, or the Calgary Catholic School District, that are managed by a community association or social recreation organization and adhere to the Public Use Policy;
  • Note: social recreation groups with an operating and /or management agreement with The City may be eligible for funding at the discretion of the General Manager or their designate;
  • Have met all conditions of the lease or licence of occupation with The City of Calgary; and
  • Demonstrate good governance and sound financial management.

Eligible Expenses

  • Lifecycle Plans that establish an opinion of condition and probable cost and timing of the renewal requirements allowing for facility lifecycle planning over a 25-year period by evaluation the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and site facilities major components and systems. Lifecycle plans must be completed by a professional engineering or architectural professional.
  • Engineering Consultant Reports prepared by an architectural or engineering firm in the disciplines of building mechanical, building electrical, building structural, building sciences and/or architectural with expertise to assess a component of a building, identify the issues, recommend a solution and provide a scope of work that can go out to tender.
  • Capital Conservation/Lifecycle Projects that address the repair and/or replacement needs of any major components directly related to a facility’s structure integrity; including preventative maintenance and restoration work. Proposed projects need to be identified in the lifecycle plan as current, past due or urgent.
  • Emergency Capital Conservation/Lifecycle Projects will only be considered in unexpected situations when the repair is immediately required to ensure the structural integrity of the majority of the facility or when there is imminent threat to the health and safety of people using any part of the facility.
  • Upgrade Projects will address emerging capital facility needs and include energy and water efficiencies, accessibility and facility renewal. Eligible upgrades will support the long-term sustainability of an organization and meet community need.

Deadline Date

Industry: Infrastructure, Location: Alberta ,
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